Sunday, November 1, 2009

Read-it-First: Breaking the Rules

Two weeks ago, St. Martin's Read-it-First program allowed us to preview Breaking the Rules, by Barbara Taylor Bradford. A story about a psychopath determined to destroy the life of a top supermodel.

This is not the usual type of book that I read. That being said, the preview moved along quite well. The prologue will certainly grab one's attention – a botched murder attempt. The first chapter changes direction and the reader is introduced to M, a New York fashion model, and her friend Dax. A comfortable relationship exists between the two and we witness a quiet friendly evening together. There is some obvious inner turmoil that M is suppressing. Suspicions are that this anxiety relates back to the prologue.

The writing was fine and M is a mystery to be solved. I do believe that I will give this book a second look. I will pick it up in the store and make a final decision to read or not to read.

Looking forward to the upcoming preview!

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