Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read-it-First: The Christmas Secret

Several weeks ago, St. Martin's Read-it-First program allowed us to preview The Christmas Secret, by Donna VanLiere. A novel where not only the characters but also the reader will experience the true meaning of love, hope, family and sacrifice. In this installment, we are first introduced to Angela Christine as a child. This is done via a flashback to a Christmas from her past, an intriguing introduction. It brought back a lot of childhood memories, although mostly sad ones. The preview also gives us a peak into the adult life of Angela Christine. Presently, it is not a happy one. She is the mother of two children, has a deadbeat ex-husband and is on the verge of losing another job. We are also introduced to Jason, an out of work accountant with a chip on his shoulders – he thinks that he is above working in the family business, a department store. Will the paths of these two individuals cross? I'd say yes, if you want to believe the writeup on the book jacket.

The writing was fine and the characters likable. This is a book that I would like to know more about.

Looking forward to the next preview!

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  1. Thanks for your preview, Cathy! This sounds like a good book to read before the holidays.