Thursday, September 24, 2009

Read-it-First: The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots

During the week of September 6, 2009, St. Martin's Read-it-First program allowed us to preview The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots by Carolly Erickson. The preview started with the beheading of Mary. Neither a shock nor an attention grabber. I continued to trudge on through the week's installments. Sadly, there was nothing offered in the preview that could hold my interest. The writing was choppy at times and I found myself re-reading passages to make sure that I understood it correctly. Not something I particularly enjoy. But, did I read enough to make a decision? Yes. I will not be purchasing this book.

The next week has come and gone. There was another preview which, as always, I looked forward to reading!


  1. You're back! Tell me about this Read-It-First program. Do you need to sign up?

  2. Thanks! I've been overloaded with work and that has taken up time both in/out of the office. I still have one Read-it-First and one review to write/post and two additional books to finish and write reviews for.

    Read-it-First is an e-mail book club.

    You can sign up at the following link: Subscribe to Read it First

    Each weekday morning they send samples from the current week's selected book. By the end of the week, you will have read approximately several chapters from said book :: 20-25 pages (sometimes slightly less).

    The purpose of the club is to wet your appetite. If you like what you've read, you may go out an buy the book.

    Suzanne Beecher is the individual who runs the program. The daily e-mails include a "Dear Reader" section where Suzanne writes a short blurb about something. At times, contests are run - these include cookies to the current book being previewed.

  3. Cathy, thanks for providing this info. I'm not sure if I can sign-up now, because I'm behind in my reading and reviewing (and everything else), but I'll keep this in mind for the future. And the future may here sooner rather than later. :)