Saturday, July 18, 2009

Read-it-First: The Bird Catcher

The Bird Catcher by Laura Jacobs is the story of a woman dealing with one of life's tragedies. With New York's art world as its background, Margret Snow pursues a strange hobby involving dead birds.

During this past week, I received and read approximately twenty seven pages of this St. Martin's Read-it-First selection. Well, let me amend that previous statement, I glossed over a good portion of these pages on days two and three. At first, I was interested but, the detailed descriptions of the mundane did not hook me - this is odd as I do like descriptive writing. I do believe that it was well written; however, I did not find the characters to be realistic or appealing. In fact, they bored me. Granted, we have only been directly introduced to two characters (Margret - boring and Emily - self-centered) at this point in the novel but, the point of this program is to give one the opportunity to preview a book and then decide whether or not one wants to continue reading. With that in mind, the characters, plot, descriptions, etc... need to hook one pretty early - they did not do this. Also, I could find no evidence of the plot in this excerpt - not sure how far into the book one will need to read to find it.

Unfortunately, I will not be adding this book to my to be read list.

Looking forward to next week's preview!

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