Friday, May 8, 2009

Read-it-First: Liars Anonymous

During my second week of participation in the St. Martin's Read-it-First program, we previewed Liars Anonymous by Louise Ure. A crime novel featuring a roadside assistance operator who believes she has overheard a murder during a late night assistance call.

Once again, I received and read approximately twenty pages. Unlike the last Read-it-First novel, I believe that I did read enough of the story to determine whether or not I would purchase the book. Sadly, this is not a book for me. I did not care for the protagonist, Jessie. Additionally, neither the crime nor the background mystery involving Jessie was enough to draw me into the story. I did not find that the writing flowed easily. It felt a bit forced and choppy at times that I found myself having to reread sentences and transitions between several paragraphs.

Looking forward to next week's preview!

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