Friday, April 24, 2009

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

A fabulous debut novel! Through the use of descriptive language, Ms. Howe is able to create an atmosphere where the reader can see, hear, smell and feel as if he/she were witnessing events, people and places of both the past and the 'current' times. The shifting between time periods flows seamlessly and the events/emotions of each time parallel one another. The Physicks Book of Deliverance Dane is both a mystery and a story of a young woman discovering herself. This is a unique story about a graduate student who is sidetracked by a mystery involving the Salem witch trials while preparing for her dissertation. Ms. Howe, a descendant of two women involved in these trials, presents a fresh view on this topic. It is a great read for those who like historical fiction and/or mysteries. I was fortunate to read an advance copy of this book through the Barnes and Noble First Look program and participate in an on-line discussion with the author. I highly recommend this book to others.

This book would be a great summertime read! If you can't wait for the release date, June 9th, 2009, check out The Physick Book page.

I Got a First Look at Barnes & Noble.  Get Your Copy Now


  1. I was also a part of the first look PBoDD group. Welcome to the world of blogging. I am now following your blog. I'm not the greatest at blogging, but if you ever have a question feel free to hop on over to my blog at and leave me a message. I will try to help, if I can. If not I have a friend who is a whiz with design stuff, and if she's not to busy with the baby she might be willing to lend a hand also.

    Again, welcome to blogging, it's interesting at times to say the least!

  2. Cathy,

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