Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Bunny

It was early evening and the brilliant red and orange hues of the recently set sun were still visible on the horizon. Standing in front of a wire mesh window screen, I felt a cool wind. I shivered slightly from the chill in the night air, sighed, closed my eyes and took a slow deep breathe. As I exhaled, I sat down, leaned into the window and rested my elbows atop the paint chipped window sill. Staring out into the trees that marked the edge of the property, a feeling of overpowering sadness swept through me. I was saying goodbye.

I carefully took one last look around the room. Something familiar caught in the corner of my eye. I walked towards it and slowly bent to pick it up. “Ahhh! It’s you – my best friend.” I gave you a hug as we sat down on the edge of my bed. Together we looked out the window, as we had done so many times in the past. You were always there for me when I needed a friend. We would talk for hours into the night. Actually, I talked and you listened. You were more of the silent type. Everything seems different now. Still, off in the distance are those magic trees. Their magic was in the laughter that they brought to a small child and her best friend. Oh how we laughed as they changed shaped. With each gust of wind they became an elephant in a hot air balloon, a panda bouncing on the clouds and much, much more. Sitting with you and looking out at the trees always took my troubles away. Now, ….

I place you in your favorite spot on the bed. Oh, how tattered and worn you have become. When did that happen? I remember everything so clearly – the sadness, the laughter, and most of all, your adventures. I was there when you tried to fly. You were off to a great start. Slowly, you swung yourself back and forth over the headboard but then you lost control. You knocked out the window screen and flew into the darkness of night. You appeared to hover in midair for several minutes before landing in the grass two floors below. Even though you lost an ear during that adventure, your zest for life never diminished. You lost your other ear to an angry sibling. How did you lose your eye? I don’t know. Maybe it was the time you decided to run alongside my bike or maybe it was the time you decided to parachute jump off the couch. Oh well, I’m sure that I will eventually remember that misadventure.

Let me take a closer look. No, you are not tattered and worn, just loved. Slowly I get up, straighten my clothing and turn to leave for the last time; you ask “Will you miss me?” “Always”, I answer. “Will you forget me?”, “Never!” is my reply. I begin my trek down the upstairs hallway, the floorboards groaning with each step. Each groan a reflection of your tears.

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